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Entrepreneurship: My own journey from broke to less broke.

Keep your startup from failing.

I’ve been a part of four business startups in my career. Half have succeeded and half have failed. ┬áMy goal in this post isn’t to teach you how to build the best startup. I’m going to attempt to show you how to avoid the biggest mistakes that I’ve seen cripple an otherwise great business idea. […]

“Can you build me an app?”

Short answer: No. I get asked this more often than you would believe, but I’ll let you know what it takes to convince someone to develop your app idea. Everyone has what they think is the greatest app since Uber. There are generally three paths for new apps; spontaneous viral hit, steady increase in popularity, […]

Is passive income right for you?

From the optimist’s point of view, passive income is a source of income that generates revenue without any involvement. This means that someone with a source of passive income could run around the world while still collecting paychecks. To the smart observer, this sounds too good to be true. For the most part, it is. […]

Ideal size of absolutely everything.

I know absolutely nothing about creating a source of passive income, let alone even starting this website. Never have I thought about generating front end content. Engineers like myself are usually put in a dungeon to create the behind the scenes engine that allow websites to run. I could have made a new website from […]

Get Passively Rich

So today begins my journey to try to figure everything out. Now by everything, I don’t mean trying to figure out the meaning of life or even what to eat for dinner tonight. Let’s start a little more slowly. I have always been fascinated by entrepreneurial endeavors. The whole nine to five grind was never […]